Marketing to Restoration Companies

No matter what type of company you have built in the restoration, contents, or mitigation industries, partnering with restoration companies can often create a mutually beneficial relationship. B2B is a unique business structure, so the corporate team at 1-800-Packouts has compiled some guidelines and tips in how to communicate with and market to companies in the restoration industry.

Players in the Game

Local players. You know them, now reach out to them!

Reach out the local businesses that are specific to the area. They often hold a lot of persuasion and influence in the community, so a partnership could be especially beneficial!

Regional players. Bigger than the little guys. 

Regional players cover more area than the local companies, but there’s not much of a difference in how you will contact them. There may be more barriers to entry the bigger the company is, so the key is getting in contact with the right people. 

National players. PuroClean, Paul Davis, ServPro

Even though these are larger companies, many franchises are locally owned, so you can reach out to the businesses near you.

Primary Touch Points

Sponsored Events – know where they are, what they’re doing, and how to meet with them.

Become familiar by attending and sponsoring local events regularly. You will create a positive brand perception by fostering a memorable experience in front of the right people.

Networking Emails – use these are your “cold call” touchpoint #1.

Introduce yourself and your business in a networking email. To make it even better, write and send a regular newsletter (monthly, quarterly, etc). By doing this, you will position yourself as a top-of-mind resource. It all starts with reaching out!

Door Knocking – develop face-to-face relationships!

Face-to-face communication is highly effective due to its authentic, personal, and memorable nature. Meet them where they are, whether it’s at their work site area, city or town, or personal favorite restaurant. Be creative and take them to a sporting event or play some golf!

Trade Shows

Attend national and regional trade shows that relevant players will also be attending.

List Generation

List generation is an important part of developing partnerships with relevant restoration companies. Put together a contact list of all of the decision-makers at the desired restoration companies! It’s a great place to start, as well as a way to broaden your scope and develop new relationships


Reference good old fashioned “Google” and generate the list manually. You can also use Angi as a resource. When you put together the list yourself, you may end up with a more customized list that you are very familiar with. Although it is time consuming, the payoff will definitely be worth it.


Pay someone else to do it! You can hire a consultant to create a list. Check out “Fiverr” as a resource to hire someone to create the list for you for relatively cheap. Although it is an option to buy a “pre-made” list, it is not ideal, since they are often lower quality and not usually worth it.

Demographic, Goals, and Pain Points

Understanding the problems, pain-points, desires, and goals of your target audience will help you know how to communicate and resonate with them! Understand who they are and what they care about, so you can best sell yourself and business.

  • Efficiency

Many restoration company employees are busy, so timeliness is of a lot of importance!

  • Liability

If the restoration company is concerned about taking on the liability of losing contents to breakage, then you are the answer they are looking for!

  • Credibility, Trustworthiness, and Expertise

Acting as a trusted expert in your area of specialty will allow restoration companies to trust you as a viable and beneficial resource

  • Managing Client Expectations and Satisfaction

Be an efficient step in the restoration company’s processes. If clients are satisfied with your work, you will become a trusted partner in future jobs.


Once you have developed a positive partnership with a company in your industry, it’s a win for everyone involved!