There’s more to 1-800-Packouts than just packing.

At 1-800-Packouts, we are not only experts in professional packing and storage services, but we also excel in contents cleaning. With years of experience and skilled teams of cleaning technicians, we have mastered the art of restoring and cleaning contents. From furniture and electronics to delicate heirlooms and artwork, we handle each piece with meticulous attention to detail.

Our technicians are extensively trained in specialized cleaning techniques, ensuring that even the most delicate and intricate items are restored to their original condition. With advanced cleaning products and industry best practices, we consistently deliver exceptional results, exceeding our customers’ expectations in content cleaning challenges such as fire, water, and mold damage.



Even the most delicate of items need to be cleaned after some losses. Our cleaning technicians are trained to properly use all equipment to maintain the integrity of every item. In many cases, we hand-clean delicate and fragile items to ensure total care and restoration occurs.



Every 1-800-Packouts location has a state-of-the-art cleaning room. With technology like ultrasonic cleaning tanks, and Ozone chambers, our cleaning teams are prepared for all levels of contents restoration.



As the industry changes, cleaning techniques change as well. Our teams are consistenly trained on new cleaning skills and are encouragd to complete the IICRC Contents Processing certificate course.

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