Leveraging AI in a Franchise Marketing Strategy

Common AI Tools

AI tools are common and plentiful in the current technological landscape. Chat GPT is perhaps the most notable and recognizable, due to its rise in popularity online. Although AI tools have been around for a while, Chat GPT revolutionized and normalized the presence of chat-type, free, accessible AIs online.

The most popular search engines have released their own AI tools, similar to Chat GPT.

Chat GPT

  • Developed by OpenAI
  • Primarily responsible for the current buzz around AI


  • Developed by Google

Bing AI

  • Developed by Microsoft



The strengths of leveraging AI while owning a business are obvious and prominent.

  • Efficiency
  • Professionalism – minimize mistakes
  • Consulting – increase industry/marketplace knowledge


Although AI is powerful, it does not come without potential shortfalls.

  • Lack of personal touch
  • Over-generalization – no intimate knowledge of the business
  • Inaccuracies


AI is still relatively new, and with that means an abundance of opportunities to grow and learn.

  • Learn new technology – outdo the competitors
  • Expand marketing assets
  • Free up your time


The threats of AI come from the dynamic technology environment. Naturally, as a new technology, we can’t foresee everything that will come of it.

  • Newness
  • “OpenAI” is free, and can use data to optimize its service
    • Paid versions are available that are more private

Potential Uses

1. Newsletters

2. Job Posting


  • Prompt: Can you write a job description for an entry-level marketing specialist role? It is for my franchise business 1-800-Packouts. The ideal candidate will have at least a year of marketing experience. The primary responsibilities of this role will be broad, but will include newsletter management, social media management, event sponsorship, representing at trade shows, and more! This will be a salary role that is dependent on experienc Our company has great benefits. Can you encourage people to apply?”
  • Output without editing or alterations:

Job Title: Entry-Level Marketing Specialist at 1-800-Packouts

Join our dynamic marketing team as an Entry-Level Marketing Specialist at 1-800-Packouts! If you have at least one year of marketing experience, this is your opportunity to make a real impact. We’re seeking a talented and passionate individual to contribute to diverse responsibilities, including newsletter management, social media, event sponsorship, trade show representation, and more. This salary position offers competitive compensation based on experience and comes with excellent benefits. Apply now and take the first step towards a rewarding career with us!


At least one year of marketing experience

Strong communication skills

Proficiency in social media platforms and content management

Excellent organizational and time management skills

Proactive and creative thinker, team player

Join us and be part of our dedicated team at 1-800-Packouts! Apply today by sending your resume and a cover letter highlighting your relevant experience to . Don’t miss this exciting opportunity!

Note: Customize the email address and contact details to align with your specific recruitment process.”

3.  Networking Emails

4.  Market Analysis

How to Write an Effective Prompt

Introduce Your Business

You know your business best. If you give AI a rundown on all of the important aspects of your 1-800-Packouts business, it will help the technology give you optimized content and information. Here are a few categories to start with, but include everything you feel is necessary!

  • Industry
  • Location
  • Purpose/Business Description
  • Main Competitors
  • Branding/Voice
  • Target Audience

General Format to Follow

  • There are plenty of ways to write an effective prompt, but here is a guideline if you need help getting started!

Be Specific

In terms of an AI prompt, there are no downsides to more information. The more, the better! Here are a few things you can do to be as specific as possible.

  • Structural Guidance
  • Paragraph Count
  • Include Resources/Brand Guidelines
  • Define the Purpose/Goal
  • Define What to Emphasize

Where to Start

Writing an effective prompt takes practice, but here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

  • First sentence: say what you want! The first sentence should ask for the type of content and what you want at a simple level.
    • “Can you write a job description for an entry-level marketing specialist role?”
  • Middle section: get specific! Ask for best practices, tone, purpose, etc.
    • “Our goal is to encourage applications using a fun-tone. Include these sections: qualifications, responsibilities, and benefits.”
  • Final section: structure. Specify length, etc.
    • “Can you make it less than 200 words and break it up into 3 sections?”

Make Tweaks

If the response is not to your liking, ask the AI to make changes! You can ask for a shorter response, to reformat a response for another purpose (email to blog, etc), or editing for another emphasis. You can also take it out of the AI tool and edit yourself.

Edit and Review

Once you are happy with the response/content, copy and paste it to export and implement!

  • If you like the content of the response but want to change the tone, you can copy and paste it and ask AI to change the voice/vibe to your preference.
  • If there are inaccuracies in reference to your business, correct the AI so it can make note for the future and the current content.

Save and Organize

Save your responses in folders within the AI technology or externally in your own organization.

  • It may be helpful to save these resources for any future needs!

AI is a powerful tool that, when leveraged, can completely transform and elevate your business franchise.